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Anonymous sent: ok this might be a weird question but if you were chained to a pipe in a old house and you had a choose between cutting your foot off or die of starvation which would you choose?

we come across that question whenever we make trouble at the park

Anonymous sent: super nerd wants to fight


Psssst. Hey. Yo. You people. Kin here! ^_^  (Muahaha I said I’d cosplay this again >:3)
lilnepp sent: Do you guys like TFIOS (The fault in our stars) ?




As much as I like this blog and what it represents, I can’t be okay with this. If you’d actually read the book, you’d know that a lot of it is mocking and averting the romanticization of cancer. That is pretty much one of the story’s major themes,along with trying to portray cancer (and love) realistically, which is why if the pacing seems “bad” or “fast” it’s because the author—someone who deeply, thoroughly and personally researched the affect cancer has on young adults before he even wrote the book, I might add—was trying to realistically portray the way time moves through the course of a shortened lifespan.

I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like you’re basing a lot of your opinions on what you’ve seen from the movie trailers. Believe me when I say that these are not a good representation for what the story is really about.

I have other complaints I could make about what you said, but those seem more like your opinions and I won’t argue because I’m not saying this to tell you you’re wrong. A lot of people (myself included) have been inspired by this novel and I would hate for anyone to be turned off to it because of what they saw in this post.

On a final note, the “white boy” does not smoke cigarettes. It is a metaphor and is explained early in the story. If you haven’t actually tried reading it, I’d highly recommend giving it a chance, as John Green is a wonderful author and it is a beautiful story. If you have, I’m sorry you didn’t like it. 

i’m sorry you’re inspired by pretentious garbage

thanks aescley!

mod note: not only have i read the book front to back, but i never saw the trailers and actually refuse to because of the book being really gross to me 

here’s why

secondly, i know he doesn’t smoke the cigarettes and if you look there, i didn’t say he did, even so it’s a really bad metaphor which is inflated egotism at best and pretentious bull at worst

john green is very problematic and i don’t think he should be idolized this way

i understand if you want to unfollow because i don’t agree with you, that’s fine but not being able to be okay with this and thus deciding to assume i didn’t read it and berate me with falsities because i don’t like your favourite book is unneeded 

and i do want people to be turned off to this book because of this post because i don’t think it sends a good message, i don’t think the author really gives proper respect to people and if it’s true that it averts romanticizing cancer then it should probably NOT romanticize cancer— all in all, it’s fine if people like it but i don’t and i have a lot of solid reasons not to

lilnepp sent: Do you guys like TFIOS (The fault in our stars) ?

the-beatles-in-the-blue-box sent: Konnie what's your favourite food?

Anonymous sent: Kim, I want you to watch "Can We Genetically Improve Intelligence?" on YouTube by AsapSCIENCE and don't be upset about the title thinking you're dumb, but it will give you ideas to genetically make you taller then Konnie. (And that would be awesome right?)