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Anonymous sent: If Corey is called the Frontman, then would Carrie be your Frontma'am?

Anonymous sent: Pssh Kim fight gender stereotypes ask someone yourself, or not because your comfort is really the most important thing!


i apologize for not being able to do what i promised which was drawing the rest of the responses to the questions on Monday and Tuesday and i will absolutely make up for that in the best way i can

i’m drawing some stuff today but this week i might not be able to frequently

this is going to be a little bit awful to say but i honestly haven’t really been available to do it, not that i haven’t wanted to or anything because i have so much fun running this blog!! but just to understand the situation a little better, i’ll write it and put it under a cut

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annie--leonhurt sent: Have the Newmans reached mega-stardom yet?

100meterainbowdash sent: Konnie do you ever hang out with kon?

bipedseven sent: Who did you guys go to prom with

maybe i’ll just go with konnie and her date 


kim n konnie’s parents always call them “kimberly and konstance” and they’re like AAAAUGH MOM DONT CALL US THAT it’s so not rock n roll

Anonymous sent: What about a killer robot riding a mutated animal firing death lasers everywhere and making boys cry.

Anonymous sent: Have you been on a date with Bernadette yet, Konnie?

Anonymous sent: How did u get the grojband and Newman skull charms??



well, i did not, but they were posted by neptoonstudios so we might be able to get them?

Yup. Made a whole bunch. Gunna sell ‘em. Interested???